Why you’re Marketing Suuucks!

by Donny on April 4, 2013

your marketing sucksMarketing is done by everyone. There are many things that suck marketing efforts. Marketing sucks money like a vacuum cleaner. There are many problems related to marketing. One must invest money in marketing in a fruitful manner so that marketing sucks less money.

Marketing should not be done in a boring manner. Marketing must be done in such a manner that it saves money and give a chance to purchase better things at a low price. One should be very conscious and should have a proper knowledge about the marketing plans to perform well in the marketing.

Improper planning in marketing

It is essential to have a proper planning in marketing. Without a proper planning one cannot have a proper measurement. Great marketing plans also may fail-back for lack of improper plans. A plan is essential for a proper planning.

A proper planning requires many researches, goals, budgets, measurements, many more. In marketing the most important thing is to be hard-working. One must not think to be successful in marketing if one is not really hard-working. Proper planning with a hard-work is a key to get success in the marketing field.

Shortage of budget

One must be very serious about the budget planning before marketing. One must not think of getting into marketing business without a sufficient budget. A plan will remained sucked if there is no proper budget. Marketing for consumable products may involve with high amount, similarly total sale value is easy to achieve. Fewer budgets are required on the basic concept of trading.

While doing marketing every aspect of different purchasers are to be noticed. Marketing process is different based on separate commodity. Budget should be planned before one starts marketing based on surrounding the market. Marketing without budget is simply impossible. Proper amount must be set aside before marketing.

Problems in selling product

Marketing may also sucks due to the lack in selling capacity. One must be very efficient in selling a product. In marketing one must try to create interest in purchaser’s mind for a particular marketing item. Purchaser must understand the benefit of using products marketed. Marketing is not very easy.

If the consumer does not understand the benefits of the products that marketing people are trying to sell then they simple reject the product without knowing its benefits. Lack of proper marketing due to lack of communication with the consumer also sucks down marketing.


Marketing is really a tough job and all hard-works are essential for marketing. One who can promise to be sucked less and perform more in marketing should only join in the marketing then. Poor knowledge and insufficient fund is dangerous for marketing purpose. People involve in marketing attempt for long-term goals. Goals must be set fixed for a successful marketing business.

Top officials of a marketing company must have unity among all the members so that all have the same focus for capturing the market and marketing does not get sucked. Personal barriers among the marketing members also lead to marketing sucks. Lack of professionalism in the marketing business is very dangerous and causes marketing sucks.

About The Author: Margaret is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books.

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