Ways to Use Visitor Intelligence in SEO & Marketing

by Donny on September 4, 2012

Visitor IntelligenceVisitors are always considered the most important part of any website.In fact, it is the visitors whose presence decide’s on the success or failure of a website.

Be it online or offline business, satisfying the customers is essentially required. When businesses are conducted offline, clients can be dealt face-to-face. But scenarios are much different when business are conducted through online.

Only website can speak by their own to attract customers. In order to make a website gain higher precedence and visibility in the virtual world, intelligent SEO strategies need to be implemented. To make customers happy and satisfied, it is necessary to understand their need and requirement. Application of suitable visitor intelligence can help in the process.

Visitor intelligence can be defined as a dynamic procedure of collecting and analyzing information about behavior and related specifications of online visitors.

Below provided are certain ways to use visitor intelligence in SEO and Marketing:

Simplifying the analysis

Visitor intelligence along with page ranking can help in better understanding of the visitors. It is not necessary to be in the marketing or sales team to judge the value of a visitor. The concept can be used for determining the importance of specific keywords, page links, and key phrases based on visitor and lead quality it generates.

Organizing information

With the help of visitor intelligence, it becomes easier to evaluate leads from various angels. As a result, proper and effective decisions based for different business strategies can be made easily.

Carrying out different marketing activities

Visitor intelligence can help in providing a better insight of the marketing stages. It can be used to judge keyword according to their efficiency level.

Developing a positive relationship with consumers

With the help of visitor intelligence, there are lesser chances of overstepping the limits and boundaries.While finalizing some valuable deal, it is quite possible to get carried away. But too much desperation can result in downfall. In fact, it can dissatisfy some buyers also. Hence, it is important to gauge on the possible clients’ interest list. This will help in maintaining a positive and goodwill relationship with clients.

In depth information

Visitor intelligence not only provides some fundamental aspects of website action and referral source. It offers for something even more intriguing. In fact, to experience higher results, it is necessary to capture visitor history along with several visit attribution. This is required for instance first and last touch, as well tipping point. This entire process will provide an opportunity to understand or learn more about the visitor activities.

What is both Visitor Intelligence and SEO needed?

The additional data can be used for testing and verification purpose. Check out whether the SEO campaigns are successful in targeting the right kind of consumers. CRM connection can help in determining whether the deals are profitable or somewhat ‘desired’.

The CRM can be further used for refining the scoring criteria of Visitor Intelligence.It can help in determining which type of keywords are more efficient in driving profitable consumers. Accordingly, investment in the content can be made.

Ordinary SEO is becoming more and more complicated these days because of steep competition in the market. As a result, it is necessary to search for a data approach more comprehensive in nature. It will help in providing a a detailed insight view of the client requirement.

About the authorMargaret Jules lives in Finland and has been doing internet marketing for last 5 years. She loves travelling, meeting new people and works at SEO Morpheus

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