Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

by Donny on December 4, 2012

viral blogWhen content goes viral on the Internet, it doesn’t mean it needs to be treated with an anti-virus program. As opposed to the other meaning, this viral term is a good thing.

It means that your content is shared among many platforms at an incredible rate due to its popularity. To have your blog go viral means that the traffic potential is at the highest it can possibly be. How can you go about making your own blog become viral?

1. Structure – Practice good grammar and spelling skills in your posts. People are more likely to take your content seriously if it’s written well. Proofread everything to ensure it is as close to perfect as you can make it.

2. News – Regardless of your blog’s niche, there is always news pertaining to it. By talking about popular subjects, not only will you get ranked higher in search engines, but more people will be seeking out the information.

3. Just the Facts – Keep your content as truthful and honest as you can. Unless your goal is to create false information or unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, facts will keep them coming back for more. People like to learn new things.

4. Mix it Up – Plain text could lose the attention of the reader unless the content is invigorating. Adding images, videos, and other add-ins could keep the interest of the person reading your post.

5. Simple – The average Internet user doesn’t have an extensive vocabulary. If someone has to Google search a word to find its meaning, then you have gone too far. Not everyone graduated from Harvard and uses five syllable words every chance they get.

6. Passionate – If you have a blog, you already have the passion of what it is you’re writing about. Continue that passion by pouring yourself into your content and try to infuse some of that emotion into your reader. Content that can pull emotions out of someone is very likely to be spread around.

7. Social – Adding social media buttons to your blog gives your site a better chance of going viral. People can simply click on the Facebook “like” button or “share” your blog within his or her own social circles. Twitter is another hot method that can spread the word of your content within a matter of minutes.

8. SEO – Don’t forget to practice good search engine optimization methods. This is the bread and butter of how people find your blog in the first place. Make sure your coding is correct, the keywords are balanced, and your sitemap is submitted.

A viral post has potential to open possibilities in making money, sharing information, or just plain increasing popularity. Many strive to create the perfect content for a viral episode, but some of them will fall short of the goal. Keep vigilant in your blog and before you know it, you too could become a viral name.

Author Byline:

Ken Myers as an Expert Advisor on multiple household help issues to many Organizations and groups, and is a mentor for other “Mom-preneurs” seeking guidance.  He is a regular contributor of “www.gonannies.com/”.  You can get in touch with him at kmyers.ceo@gmail.com.

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