How Social Media Enthusiast Tamar Weinberg Turned Her Passion Into Becoming an Industry Authority

by Donny on November 18, 2010

Tamar Weinberg

Name: Tamar Weinberg
Social: Follow on Twitter and Facebook
Expertise: Social Media
Highlights: Author, Advertising Manager at, Listed in Top 100 Influential Marketers in 2008 & 2009 by Invesp

Thanks Tamar for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me today. Tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

I’m a social media enthusiast and have been practicing “social media” since the early 90s. Today, I’m a blogger and author and live my passion everyday.

What social media trends do you see exploding over the next couple of years?

I think location based social networking is going to build momentum. Any type of service that takes advantage of mobile technology to some extent has promise.

Tamar, tell my audience about your position over at and how you got it?

I’m currently the Community Support & Advertising Manager at Mashable, but I started as the Community & Marketing Manager. I actually got the job 3 years ago, following up on a lead. ;)

The site has grown — there were perhaps 5 staff members at the time I started working for Mashable — and my role got too big for me, so many people are now filling those shoes and doing an amazing job.

My focus today is making sure that Mashable readers have the best user experience ever, and I’m also focusing on selling ads. Yeah, it is an interesting combo. :) I love it though.

What are some of the things that you see people doing wrong in terms of social media marketing?

I could write a bible out of this section. At the end of the day, I think people are too self-promotional, are not engaging enough, and are fixated on the wrong metrics. I also think one of the biggest sins is meeting someone, perhaps on LinkedIn or even in person, and then automatically opting the person into your newsletter.

Tell my readers a little about your book “The New Community Rules.”

The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web is a premier to social media marketing, introducing why it’s important (with some great case studies) and then teaching readers how to navigate the social media terrain, from social networking sites to social news sites and then some.

You run a pretty popular bog at, what are some of the things that you have done to help you get it to this level?

Write, write often, write early, and network with the right people. I don’t write often anymore, but it’s important to do that to get started.

Would you consider yourself as being a Problogger?

I actually don’t. I may have been a Problogger back in the day when I was writing 6 blog posts a day for Lifehacker (which I did from 2007-2008), but I’m more focused primarily on Mashable and on my side consulting projects, so I don’t blog that often!

I try for once a week, but lately I haven’t delivered, and I think probloggers minimally need to blog often to get that problogger recognition.

How will Facebook and Twitter impact how local businesses promote their businesses using these two networks?

I’m not sure that’s the right question. It’s not how, it’s whether they are. And they are already. People do it all the time. It’s also chapters 6 and 7 in The New Community Rules.

What is it like being a premier female blogger?

Am I? I don’t know. I just do what I love and I love what I do. I guess it’s an honor to be given this designation, though!

What recommendations do you have for a blogger that is just starting out?

Write regularly, write passionately, build your network, and DON’T give up. Oh, and read this blog post explaining the characteristics of highly influential bloggers.

Who are some of the coolest marketers that you have meet so far?

I’m actually going to go with Saul Colt. He’d be surprised to be recognized as this, but he’s one of the most creative guys I’ve ever seen. And he wears really great pants.

Any recommended blogs or resources for my readers looking to find advice about investing or financial management? is a great social network where you’ll find a plethora of articles submitted from sites that cater to those needs.

Do you have any big announcements or upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?

You’ll have to ask me this in 3 months. ;) But yes, and it’s in mobile.

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