How to Make Your Linkedin Profile More Professional

February 12, 2013
Linkedin Logo

Having a social media presence is one thing but having a professional and dedicated approach on professional networking sites including Linkedin is quite another. Linkedin offers a great doorway to reach out to your professional clientele base offering more mutual business interactivity with increased chances of finding the right talent. All these powerful advantages of […]

How to Blog for International Audiences

February 5, 2013
international audiences

Blogging is a powerful tool helping you connect with your audience. It helps you articulate your work, it encourages people to stay on your website for longer and it can also boost your visibility on websites (regular, original content is a popular technique for Search Engine Optimization). If expansion and growth are on your to-do […]

How to Host a Webinar to Boost Your Business

January 29, 2013
hosting webinars

Canadian-American businessman and bestselling author Robert Allen once said, “The future you see is the future you get!” However, when it comes to webinar hosting, a lot of the software could be described as: The webinar you see is the webinar you get! Much like adding content to a WordPress blog, setting up a webinar […]

How Social Collaboration Can Help in Content Marketing and Increase Your Organic Traffic

January 24, 2013
social collaberation

An SEO company who has been around for quite a few years already is aware that ranking high in search engines is ten-folds more difficult today compared to a few years ago. There are more sites today competing for a limited space. Search engine algorithms have changed. Content has been crowned king and social media […]

Evergreen SEO Practices That Won’t Go out of Style

January 22, 2013
evergreen seo

Investing time and effort into SEO is vital for building website traffic and ultimately sales. Many companies have locked into specific strategies over the years, such as link-building and blogging, structuring their content so that their websites appear high up in search engine results. Changes in the online environment, such as Google’s Panda and Penguin […]

Are you protecting your Online Reputation

January 15, 2013
online reputation

Protecting your online reputation is not so important than it is at the present for everyone. As people surf the internet to search for any information, the people will say that you are readily accessible as well as easily shared. Good reputations are the things which can be damaged or tarnished in a moment. Famous […]

Simple Tips to Create a Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy

January 8, 2013
social media strategy

The rise in popularity and fame of social media has compelled business personnel and companies to jump in to the world of social media for marketing and promoting their services, brand, or product. Companies can now directly communicate with the target consumer population to grab an accurate idea of what the consumers think and suggest […]

How PayPal is Transforming the Face of Small Businesses

January 1, 2013
paypal here

It’s easier than ever for business owners to accept payments using PayPal Here, an encrypted mobile payment reader. People are shopping differently, because retailers are selling differently. If they aren’t selling online, then they’re selling at small venues like local shops and cooperative markets. Using PayPal Here to Attract Customers Those small businesses aren’t equipped […]

SEO for Small Businesses

December 25, 2012
seo for small business

A common misconception for search engine optimization (SEO) is that only the biggest companies in the most competitive markets can have any chance of benefitting from it. Small businesses who don’t have the funds to hire an SEO firm or the resources to have a team or individual in house get turned off by the […]