My List of The Most Responsive Safelists

by Donny on October 21, 2009

As promised, this post will outline all of the safelists that I currently use. This is my personal list of safelist that i am giving you here because I believe in helping people out by giving them things that actually work instead of them having to weed through all the bad and good themselves. They are in no particular order because all of them are of high quality. Remember, I only recommend that you purchase contact, mega, or super solos as discussed in the previous post.

  1. Marketing Extreme Mega Solos – Safelist where you can buy mega solos that will reach over 23,000 subscribers
  2. Earners Unite – Safelist where you can buy mega solos that will reach over 13,500 subscribers
  3. AdTactics – Purchase a solo ad from this site to reach over 10,500 subscribers
  4. Traxads – Purchase a mega solo and it will reach over 23,500 subscribers
  5. Elite Safelist – Small, but very responsive safelist continues to grow
  6. Got Safelist – Guarantees 1,200 visitors to your website for each solo ad
  7. Adsolutionoline – Reach over 23,ooo subscribers with your solo ad purchase
  8. Global safelist – Reach over 10,000 subscribers with each solo ad
  9. Miracle List – Reach over 25,000 subscribers with your contact solo
  10. Safelister – Only sends out one solo ad per day to 23,000 subscribers
  11. Herculist – Your solo ad goes out to over a whooping 50,000 members
  12. Super Solo Ads – Super solo ad will go out to over 46,000 members
  13. Super Solo Ad Network – Super solo ad sent out to over 25,000 members
  14. Solo Ad Profits – Reach over 90,000 subscribers with their mega solo
  15. Traffic9 – Reach over 13,000 subscribers with one of their contact solos

Will there you have it, these are the only safelists that I use and recommend to receive traffic and leads to all of my programs that I am involved with. This list has literally taken me years to create because I have done a tremendous amount of testing and tracking and these are without a doubt the most responsive. Feel free to use this list as your disposal, but if you plan on copying it, just keep all links in tact and reference me as the source.

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