How to Make Your Linkedin Profile More Professional

by Donny on February 12, 2013

Linkedin LogoHaving a social media presence is one thing but having a professional and dedicated approach on professional networking sites including Linkedin is quite another.

Linkedin offers a great doorway to reach out to your professional clientele base offering more mutual business interactivity with increased chances of finding the right talent.

All these powerful advantages of Linkedin can be easily lost if an individual has an unprofessional profile. Here are certain sure shot tips and tricks that simple users can incorporate in their Linkedin profile to make it look more professional making it stand out from the crowd with increased chances of better interactivity and convectional options.

Have a Detailed Profile

Having an incomplete profile is one of the biggest blunders a lot of people don’t give much attention to. Any social media profile especially on a professional network like Linkedin is the gateway to the world.

A LinkedIn profile is comparable to a professional resume, where one displays past educational information, work knowledge, skills, present work arrangement and profile image. Following LinkedIn’s Profile Completion Tips when editing the profile is a good idea to incorporate making sure that the profile gives out as much information that can showcase all the professional strengths including work experience, achievements as well as endorsements making it easier for potential connections to know intricate details about your professional life as well as your very own skill sets and past achievements.

Another tip to make your Linkedin profile more professional is to enable the profile for public viewing. Making your profile public clearly indicates to potential recruiters that you are open to exploration and associates.

Having the profile public gives out an unprofessional attitude showcasing that either one is not interested in any jobs or mutual associations or possibly even worse that he or she may have something to hide for the public at large.

Upload a Professional Profile Photo

Having a professional profile display picture is one of the basic steps but goes a long way in making sure that the individual is a thorough professional. Pictures of family and friends can be moved to other social media websites or even micro blogging ones.

Linkedin is purely for professional networking and having a good professional display picture makes it easier for potential connections to relate and understand the kind of work one is associated with simply by taking a view of the profile picture.

Having a high-quality, fresh profile picture of yourself that suitably describes your role in the associated field or industry is the best way to make Linkedin profile more professional.

Add Relevant Skill Sets

The skill set section on Linkedin is turning out to be by far the most popular choice to find and connect with fellow connections. Most companies use the skill set feature to find the best available talent for their respective industries.

Updating your skill sets using Linkedin Skill search tool is widely recommended to increase more interactivity and increasing your chances of connecting with the right people who may be either new business associates or job recruiters.

Proofread Profile before Publishing

Lack of attention to the profile inputs including spelling and grammatical mistakes make it the easiest way to showcase an unprofessional profile. Always make sure that once you edit your profile it is proofread a couple of times to avoid factual, grammatical or unintentional howlers and mistakes that can dent the good work of the profile in a jiffy.

Update Endorsements Regularly

Endorsements or recommendation from previous employers, business associates and even fellow workers is the best way to bring a high level of professionalism to your Linkedin profile.

Not only do endorsements work as a confidence boosting measure for potential business clients or new recruiters or HR personnel, they also act as the unique selling proposition of your profile making sure that all existing and potential connections are aware of your stronger points and past experience.

Be Proactive in Linkedin Groups

Social networking is all about interactivity. The level of interactivity gains even higher prominence when it comes to social networking. An empty profile or a good profile would not be of any worth is the basic interactivity element is not focused.

Users can increase their professional etiquette by being more proactive in Linkedin groups both by being proactive in discussions as well as helping out other people needing advices on trivial industrial matters that you may have experienced in the past.

Also its recommended to update your groups periodically so that you can attain your professional excellence by being part of the most relevant and popular groups that can boost your connections as well as interactivity with other members of the group of the same or different core industry group.

About the author: Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and traveling. 

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