Kick Starting a Blogging Business in as Little as 10 Minutes

by Donny on November 13, 2012

blogging for businessThe simple steps that are needed for a person to start blogging can be taken in under 10 minutes but the benefits that will be available thereafter are immense. These are the main steps needed for one to be able to start making money using their blog.

1.     Finding the name of the domain

The process of finding a domain name is the first and the most crucial. This is so because of the importance that the domain name will carry. The name will be the catalyst that will pull people to the blog. This therefore means that people should make sure they choose the best domain name for the entire duration that they will be in business.

2.     Choosing the best package to register with

After choosing the domain name, the next step will be to register the domain and this means that one has to make sure that they have all the information that will be needed about the domain. The most affordable and effective domain should be the one chosen and made the focal point of the operation. The mode and style of registering the domain will also be a way of showing how much the blog will be successful once it starts operating on all cylinders.

3.     Installing the WordPress platform

This will be the next step after registering and choosing the suitable domain. This process majorly entails the installation of the wordpress which will be the feature that will facilitate the writing and posting of the blogs.

One should search for some ideas and advice when performing this practice to ensure that they are on the right track in the installation process. This will be later followed by the successful establishment of the WordPress. A person should be able to start working immediately they have put everything in the right place as far as configuring of the account is concerned.

4.     Logging in to WordPress and creating a Blog theme

Once the account has been set up and is running successfully, the next step is to log in and find the WordPress. This will help in creating a theme for the blog and will also guide on the freedom that the person will have in establishing the right blogging platform. How to create a blog will lead to an enhanced look and general appearance. Upon doing this, one can be sure that they will be able to invite many clients to their blog.

5.     Write the first blog post

The first blog post should always be the one to catch the eye. This can be done by ensuring that all the details about the target market are kept into consideration. This will lead to someone being able to incorporate the blog posts that will be relevant and those that will be sure to catch the eye of the readers.

Creating a blog is an easy practice of which when handled with the detailed requirements that it deserves can make someone embark on the money making process at a blink of an eye.

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