Is Social Media Going to Decide Our Political Trends?

by Donny on September 11, 2012

politics and social mediaPolitics is a very strong topic in the youth today and it gets much interesting sine it is promoted through the social media sites.

According to the recent polls, the youth are now much engaged to the political since they get the real time information they get not choose the leaders they want.

This is a powerful tool since the youth get to discuss the trends of political leaders and they even make the decisions online and the politicians have also adapted this nature since this is one of the best and easiest ways to keep in touch with the younger generation and find out what they want.

Some of the roles of the social media plays in the political trends include:

  • Debates
  • Forums and discussions
  • Giving the latest information
  • Conducting polls

When you want to know what the people of the country are feeling about a certain politician, you simply need to check the online feeds and you will get the real situation in the ground. This has become the latest forms of information and the politicians have found this as one of the platforms to respond to the queries of the people.

Get to know what the people want

As a politician, one needs to have the ears and eyes on the ground and this makes it very easy for one to get the real results. When you know what the people want, you end up getting the latest results and this will make it easier and appealing to translate all their needs into reality. A politician who does not follow the social trends will find it hard to communicate since they do not know the real needs of the people

Online discussions

There are people who want to hold political positions but if they cannot take part in the online discussions, they are doomed. Some people start some discussion panels online and the politician is at task to answer to the needs of the people.

Some of them are not learned and they only want to get t seat and will not meet the needs of the people. The citizens are now bright, and they want nothing to do with promises and they want people who can deliver.

With the powerful discussion taking place, the common citizen has the chance to be heard and this will make them decide the perform they want to hold the seat based on the response they get some of these discussions are very competitive with every politician talking to the online media sites to answer the question and describe the future pans. There s freedom of expression since the citizens is in control

Online media polls

Some people are able to know who will take a particular seat based on the online polls that are conducted on the social media sites and blogs. Through this, one gets the reasons as to why they settle for some of the politicians and not the rest.

This rapidly changed the political climate since people have the chance to access the online sources, and raise their opinions and start the discussion. If you want to be a politician, you need to familiarize with the online channel to get the latest feeds.

Kady Babs is a Certified Professional and freelance writer. 

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