How to Monetize Your Content

by Donny on November 1, 2011

monetizing contentOnce you’ve got content up on your websites, the most natural question is: How do I monetize this content?

The ideal kind of income is passive; where you set up the mechanism and let organic actions (clicking, following a link, entering contact information) bring you cash without you having to be actively involved.

There are plenty of ways to make passive income off your content, including the following:

Affiliate Networks

When you hook up with an affiliate network, the other companies do all the hard work – the selling and shipping and making or products or services. You are just doing some of their marketing legwork for them by offering links to their sites and getting them to enter contact information or click on a link or somehow taking action (sometimes buying the product or service, but not always). You get a kickback commission for driving the traffic to their site or getting the visitor to follow through with the specified call to action. Basically, you get money for getting people to check out their stuff.

Choosing an affiliate marketing partner can be tricky, but you’ll find there are usually offers out there that will line up with the content you already have on one site or another, and you’ll find some of the deals to be quite lucrative. Check out affiliate marketing offers related to niche sites you’ve already got up and running (and that are getting some traffic) and see if you can’t get a passive income stream established.

The following are some common passive income vehicles a lot of websites display alongside their content (or sometimes through links inside content):

Google AdSense

Google ads are easy to use, but you’ll usually make more money per click with an affiliate marketing partner than you will off Google AdSense ads. However, Google is established, they pay reliably, and they are respected.


Buyers trust Amazon, so these are good ads to place on your sites and inside your content. They usually have cool graphics and offer something for just about every topic, so you should be able to make use of content you already have on your sites and work the Amazon ads into your existing content. That can make for a nice income stream with little extra effort.


ClickBank sells software and ebooks and offers an excellent commission—up to 50%–which means ClickBank can be very lucrative. You may have to tailor your content to get the click-through-rate you desire, but you’ll find the resulting commissions to be well worth the effort. Set up an effective ClickBank campaign and you’ll see results.

The Underlying All-Important Truth – Traffic

The above-mentioned monetizing vehicles are all valid methods for making cash off your content, but the essential truth remains this: you have to drive traffic to your website. If you don’t have traffic, you won’t make money. Period. End of story.

If you don’t know how to drive traffic to your site, consider hiring an SEO expert or investing time in learning how to make this happen.

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