How to Host a Webinar to Boost Your Business

by James Martell on January 29, 2013

hosting webinarsCanadian-American businessman and bestselling author Robert Allen once said, “The future you see is the future you get!” However, when it comes to webinar hosting, a lot of the software could be described as: The webinar you see is the webinar you get!

Much like adding content to a WordPress blog, setting up a webinar is as easy as using the tools that you see on your computer screen.

Telecommuting via Webinar

Telecommuting is economical, saving both the money you’d spend on commuting to and from the office as well as reducing the amount of emissions that your vehicle would release into the air during that time. And best of all, it allows you to work from wherever you have a WiFi connection, because even smartphones and iPads can connect to most online webinar programs.

According to a joint study by Global Workplace Analytics and the Telework Research Network, there is merit to telecommuting for even half of a normal workweek. For example, if everyone took advantage of telecommuting for half a week, the result would be the equivalent of eliminating using personal vehicles for commuting in all of New York. (

The 6 Point Checklist

When setting up your next webinar it will help if you use a checklist. From selecting a provider to sending out a thank-you note via email to all the attendees, a checklist can help you remember all the small details that otherwise might get lost in the shuffle. Here are some things that are on my webinar checklist. Maybe they will help you, also!

Choose the Right Hosting Company – As webinars grow in popularity, there are more and more affordable web conferencing solutions available. From a self-employed entrepreneur trying to promote a new product to motivational speakers hired for a corporate speaking engagement, there is a webinar conferencing solution for every situation and every budget.

Consider Using a Moderator – Some web conferencing companies offer a moderator as part of a package deal. If the one you select offers this, take them up on it. The moderator can not only help with things behind the scenes like making sure speakers are logged in and ready before the event begins, but this person can also take care of things such as polls, mid-webinar feedback, and fix small problems before they blow out of proportion.

Selecting the Date and Time – Consider the time zones of your attendees. Choosing 4pm Tuesday might seem like a good idea for a late-afternoon webinar if you are in New York City, but if half your attendees are in London then you are asking them to show up at 9pm – five hours later! Also, avoid Mondays and Fridays as they are peak conferencing times.

Use Fantastic Content – Do not just develop good content. There is a lot of good content out there online, waiting to be found. You want fantastic content because it will stimulate interests among your guests. It will raise attendance once word gets out about how great your webinars are to attend live. And it will promote more interaction during the event. To encourage people to attend the live event instead of just waiting for the podcast, offer special bonus content to those who sign up and attend.

The Importance of Surveys

Surveys are a great way to deliver content through your webinar that is just what your audience wants. Asking questions during registration lets you know who your audience is, and you can allow their answers to help shape your content. During brief intermissions during the webinar, surveys asking people about how they feel things are going can help you improve conditions for next time.

After the webinar you should follow up with your guests via email to thank them for attending. In that same email, you should include some relevant information to the topic of your webinar and invite them to the next live event. You could even provide a special link to a site that you have set up where they can provide positive feedback and useful suggestions.

Recording the Event

Making a recording of your webinar has plenty of uses. You can use it to gauge what worked and what didn’t to improve the overall quality of your next webinar event. You can post a copy to your website so that anyone who was not able to attend the event can see what they missed. If you are promoting a product or training employees, then the Q&A sections of a recorded webinar event can help answer any frequently asked questions as well.

About the Author

When freelance writer Rick Mercado was asked to write about webinars, he turned to the website for the latest information. Also a successful online marketer, whenever Rick isn’t working he prefers the great outdoors where he participates in thrill-seeking adventures like kayaking or hiking in the rugged Canadian terrain surrounding his home in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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