Are you protecting your Online Reputation

by Donny on January 15, 2013

online reputationProtecting your online reputation is not so important than it is at the present for everyone. As people surf the internet to search for any information, the people will say that you are readily accessible as well as easily shared.

Good reputations are the things which can be damaged or tarnished in a moment. Famous Warren Buffet said that more than 20 years is required to build or gain trust or reputation but it takes only a matter of five minutes to ruin it. Rich Gorman is a person who usually works for the reputation changer LLC.

Rich Gorman works a lot for his company. Many clients’ reputation over the internet is maintained well by Rich Gorman for several years. So, if someone does their job with keeping this thing in mind then he or she will try to do well every time. There are some rules for maintaining a good reputation on the internet.

Name monitoring:

The internet is a place where you can get all types of information or data. But you can utilize the strength of Google and monitor your own name with the addition of Google alert. You will get a mail from Google for the queries created by you. There are many additional ways to for monitoring the name.


This advice is very easy to sound but most of the time it is overlooked. At first your name should be owned. This will help you to control for some period of time.

Avoid conflict:

It will be better if you keep yourself away from the arguments of any internet forums. If you avoid Conflict If you need a vent, then just go for a run.

Taking help from Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is the most powerful source for the online information. If your name becomes popular then Wikipedia will determine you as a source of information. You have to define your name and also have to define about your services to Wikipedia before everyone. It is very simple to do. It is also absolutely free site.

Get reviews from Bloggers:

Search the important bloggers in your niche as well as telling them to post positive reviews about you. Since bloggers frequently enjoy good search engine results, it will have the strong and positive impact over your reputation.

Writing articles:

It is very strange but it really works. It is a very effective way to write the name in a title of the posting.

Get a Lawyer

If nothing really works, take legal advice from a wise internet defamation attorney. Now day Attorneys are becoming very effective combatants for online defamation.

They will file John Doe lawsuits at perfect situations where the messages are posted or mailed. It is a very costly process. But the output of this process will be 100% positive rather than other process. There is also lots of ways to hold a good reputation on the internet. Such as well constructed website and many more.

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